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13 August, 2021


Attendance Expected: 33,350

What a home opener! In front of a sold-out crowd of 33 thousand excited fans, the Saskatchewan Roughriders held on to snag their first win of the 2021 season.

The Roughriders came out blazing, with star QB Fajardo throwing 12 for 12, 95 yards and a touchdown. The Lions stormed back in the second half, attempting a comeback but fell short to give the Roughriders their first win.

What do the fans say?

As far as describing one word for the game, a majority said, “EXCITING!” Others said “awesome,” “nail biter,” and “close.” Is there any better way to describe such a fun game?

Roughrider fans said that the offensive passing game (37%) looked strong. Others Rider fans said that “playing until the last play” (19%) was another top strength for the Roughriders to hold on and secure their first win.

In terms of weaknesses of the game, most fans said that “defending the pass” (37%) was a top weakness. However, others said, “something else” (21%). In addition, fans responded with comments like “it’s too soon to tell,” “conditioning,” and “consistency.”

We asked Roughrider fans how confident they are in the Green and White will win the Grey Cup this year – the Grey Cup Confidence Score for August 6 is +76.

First Four at Home!

It’s time to strap on your melon helmets and get ready to cheer on our home team! With the first four games at home, the start this season is only getting started.

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At a glance

Find out what Saskatchewan Roughrider fans think for August 6:

  • Passing Game
  • Turnovers
  • +76
  • Exciting

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