2 December, 2021


Attendance: 24,001

Was it a good game or a bad game? That IS the question.

Between the countless field goal blunders, the fumbles and all those interceptions, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were able to squeeze out the win in an EPIC double-OT showdown with the Calgary Stampeders. With a missed field goal attempt from the Stamps in OT, the Riders were able to clinch a win in the last and final play of the game.

The Roughriders advance to the Western Division Finals against the dominant regular season Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Will the Roughriders find a way through Winnipeg to advance to the Grey Cup? Or will their classic rivals put a stop to their end-season momentum? Find out this Sunday, December 5.


This week, we asked Roughrider fans what they thought of the team’s performance during the Western Semi’s. While fans felt the stress of a double-overtime win, a majority agreed that the game was “exciting,” and others mentioned “intense,” “thrilling,” and “lucky!”

This week, we asked fans what are the Riders’ strengths so far this season. Most surveyed said that “playing until the last play” (34%) and the D-line (23%) deserve all the praise!

Interestingly enough, Rider fans also say that the Rider offensive passing game (20%), the turnovers (17%), and all those penalties throughout the season (16%) were a contributor to some of the Riders’ ongoing problems.


With the win over the Stampeders in the semi-finals, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are off to the West Division Finals to meet their traditional rivals, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

As such, it looks like Rider fans are finally coming around after that intense semi-final game. This week, the Grey Cup Confidence index increases again to 35 from 5 (+30 from last week).

If the Roughriders can pull off this win, that means the next Rider Tracker will include predictions for the GREY CUP! Here’s to hoping our Green and White can win the West!

At a glance
  • Playing Until the Last Play
  • Offensive Passing Game
  • 35
  • Exciting
Sharday Torgerson,

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