10 November, 2021



No matter how you look at it, Week 14 came down to the WIRE! The low-scoring affair seen the Saskatchewan Roughriders clinch the W over the slumping Edmonton Elks, who have not won a game on home turf all year.

The West Division has always been competitive, and this year is no different. Our Green and White play their final regular-season home game, hoping to clinch a home playoff spot against the Elks.


Fans were praising our boys in Green for another “exciting,” “nail-biting,” “edge of my toes,” “tenacious” football win! With such a close-scoring game, it is no surprise that Roughrider fans this week find themselves praising the defence for their efforts, with roughly 1 in 4 (23%) saying the D-line was the strength against the Elks. Defending the pass (18%) made an honourable mention as well.

It appears that the Roughriders are working on their penalities, with fans focusing more on the Riders offensive game as a recent weakness. Fans believe the offensive passing game (25%) continues to be an issue for the Roughriders, while others say the O-line requires some work (20%) if they want to make it to the Grey Cup.


As the Saskatchewan Roughriders head into their last two final games, they stack their odds against a surging Stampeders team known for playing well under pressure. As a result, the GCCI remains close, dropping slightly from Week 13, from 6 to -4. It seems Rider Nation is not as confident as they were at the beginning of the season, regardless of a current 8-4 record.

Can the Roughriders take the second game over the Edmonton Elks and clinch a home playoff spot? The last regular-season game of the year is fan appreciation night, don’t miss it! And as always, we will report next week Roughrider fans’ perceptions of the game. Stay tuned!

At a glance
  • D-line
  • Offensive Passing
  • -4
  • Exciting
Sharday Torgerson,

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