22 June, 2023


After a thrilling Week 2 matchup against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are determined to bounce back from their loss and continue their pursuit of success in the 2023 CFL season.

Roughriders coach looks for the positive side of Week 2 home loss

Last Friday, the Riders hosted their rival, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, in the team’s home opener. Most of the way, it was a tight contest, but ultimately the Bombers won 45-27. Head coach Craig Dickenson acknowledged Tuesday that some corrections need to be made, but he’s upbeat about how his team battled Winnipeg — arguably the best team in the CFL.

“The attitude of the guys was good. Our physicality was good … It was a good game in terms of back-and-forth, we seemed to answer — at least early in the game,” Dickenson said after Tuesday’s practice in Regina.

“The stick-to-it-ness of the group was tested, and we did alright.”

Multiple offensive players registered dazzling performances Friday night: quarterback Trevor Harris, who had been a game-time decision due to a hip pointer, threw for 413 yards and three touchdowns — each of which was caught in the end zone by Samuel Emilus. Wide receiver Tevin Jones also balled out, leading the Riders in catches and finishing with 121 yards receiving in Week 2.


The passionate fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders have been eagerly discussing the team’s performance in Week 2 against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Let’s take a look at their perspectives and the factors they identified as strengths and weaknesses:


  1. Passing (47%): Fans praised the team’s passing game, recognizing the impressive performance of quarterback Trevor Harris, who threw for an incredible 413 yards and three touchdowns.
  2. Team Chemistry (25%): Supporters highlighted the strong chemistry among the players, acknowledging their ability to work together effectively despite the challenges faced.
  3. Talent (21%): Fans recognized the overall talent of the Roughriders’ roster, emphasizing the abilities displayed by both established and emerging players.


  1. Defending the Pass (32%): Some fans expressed concern about the team’s pass defense, urging the Roughriders to tighten their coverage and limit opponents’ passing opportunities.
  2. Defensive Line (23%): The defensive line’s performance was identified as an area that requires improvement. Fans called for increased pressure on opposing quarterbacks and improved run-stopping capabilities.
  3. Penalties (22%): Fans acknowledged the need for better discipline, urging the team to minimize unnecessary penalties that could negatively impact their performance.

Grey Cup Confidence Index

Following the Week 2 matchup, the Grey Cup Confidence Index (GCCI) for Roughrider fans has experienced a decrease. Currently standing at (-6), it is the lowest Week 2 index score reported since 2018. While still optimistic about the team’s prospects, fans eagerly await Week 3 to see how our Roughriders respond and regain their confidence.

Fan Sentiments

Fans’ opinions about the Roughriders’ performance in Week 2 were a whirlwind of emotions, perfectly captured by their word cloud. From exhilaration and optimism to disappointment and frustration, the fans’ sentiments mirrored the rollercoaster ride of the game. While some were thrilled by the team’s competitive spirit, progress, and potential, others couldn’t help but feel let down by defensive struggles, penalties, and inconsistency.

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