16 September, 2021


Stop. The. Penalties.

Following the Labour Day Classic loss, our boys in the Green and White travelled to IG Field in Winnipeg for the first away game of the season.

The Banjo Bowl always proves to be one of the most challenging games of the year! And, Unfortunately, the Riders could not hold onto a close first half, losing 9-33 and to the Bombers for a second week in a row.

Fans Weigh In

For the past three weeks, fans say ‘penalties’ continue to create issues for the Riders (29%), while some believe that ‘defending the pass’ (12%) is still an area the team needs to work on most.

Our passionate Roughrider fans were less than enthused with the outcome of the Banjo Bowl. Most citing “disappointing” as their word to describe the Week 6 loss. Yet some fans stay reserved about their opinion of the season, as much more football is left to play. Words like “interesting,” “unfortunate,” and “tough” were common. Hmph.

While the Roughriders were off to a hot start this season, it appears that fans are no longer as confident in Week 6.

The Grey Cup Confidence Index drops once again to -34 (down 99 points from last week) – Yikes! In Week 3, fans felt very different and seemed enthused the Grey Cup was achievable.

Perhaps the boys can change the momentum this weekend. Saskatchewan will face off against the Argos on Friday, September 17, at the Lights Out Game at home. And we have a funny feeling the 13th man will pull through!


Check out what else Roughrider fans had to say in our latest 2021 SaskWatch Rider Tracker infographic:

  • Passing Game
  • Penalties
  • -34
  • Dissapointing
Sharday Torgerson,

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