16 August, 2023


Welcome back, Rider fans! It’s time for another update on the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ journey in Week 10. The football rollercoaster continued as the Riders faced off against the Montreal Alouettes, leaving fans with mixed emotions.

Fine’s Injury and Defensive Dominance

In an unexpected turn of events, Week 10’s hero, Mason Fine, fell victim to the injury bug during the game against the Montreal Alouettes. This unfortunate twist saw Fine leave the field with a leg injury, leading to Jake Dolegala stepping up to take the reins. It was a tough night for the Riders as they succumbed to the Alouettes with a score of 41-12. Despite the setback, there were still glimpses of promise in the Riders’ performance.

The Riders’ defence showcased their tenacity, building a resilient fight against the potent Alouettes’ offence. Although the scoreboard doesn’t reflect their efforts, the defence recorded two sacks and one interception. With the offence facing challenges due to Fine’s absence, the defence’s determination stood out as a positive point in an otherwise challenging game.

Fan Sentiment: A Tale of Frustration and Hope

Let’s dive into the fans’ reactions after the game. The word cloud generated from fan sentiments this week is dominated by phrases like “embarrassing,” “pathetic,” and “disappointing.” The fans are grappling with the frustration of a tough loss. The term “injuries” looms large, as the loss of Fine and other key players has left fans feeling disheartened.

However, amid the negative expressions, there are flashes of hope and encouragement. Words like “resilience,” “potential,” and “effort” reflect fans’ belief in the team’s ability to bounce back. The term “rebuild” suggests that fans recognize the challenges but also anticipate growth and improvement in the long run.

Reassessing Strengths and Weaknesses

In the aftermath of Week 10, fans re-evaluated their perspectives on the Riders’ strengths and areas for improvement. Let’s take a look at the updated statistics from fan opinions:

Top 3 Strengths: 

  1. Defensive Line (34%): The Riders’ defensive line remains a force to be reckoned with as they continue to apply pressure and disrupt opposing offenses.
  2. Special Teams (23%): Despite the tough loss, the Riders’ special teams continue to show their mettle, highlighted by Brett Lauther’s consistent contributions.
  3. Team Chemistry (17%): The team’s ability to come together and support one another remains a vital asset, especially during challenging times.

Top 3 Areas of Improvement: 

  1. Offensive Line (39%): The offensive line’s struggles persist, affecting the team’s offensive efficiency and pass protection.
  2. Injuries (36%): Injuries continue to be a significant concern for the Riders, impacting their lineup and adaptability.
  3. Passing (29%): The passing game remains a point of contention, particularly as the team navigates the absence of key players.

Grey Cup Confidence Index: A Shift in Confidence

Despite the setbacks faced in Week 10, the Riders’ Grey Cup Confidence Index (GCCI) has taken a hit, dropping to -157. The unexpected events have undoubtedly shaken fans’ confidence in the team’s immediate prospects. However, this dip in confidence doesn’t erase the optimism and hope that Rider Nation still holds for the future.

Fan Insights: A Blueprint for Improvement

In analyzing the statistics that reflect fan sentiments, a clear roadmap for enhancing team performance comes into view. The resounding call from fans to improve the offensive line, accounting for 21% of responses, underscores its pivotal role in enabling successful offensive plays and protecting the quarterback, laying the foundation for victorious games.

The call for more varied play calling, closely following at 19%, reflects the collective desire for a dynamic offensive strategy that keeps opponents guessing and yields substantial gains. Equally significant is the emphasis on accountability and motivation (14%) to foster a team culture where players are driven to excel and take ownership of their performance.

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