12 July, 2023


In a thrilling rematch against the Edmonton Elks, the Saskatchewan Roughriders emerged victorious in another closely contested battle. The game went down to the wire, with defensive back Nic Marshall again sealing the victory with a game-changing interception. Head coach Craig Dickenson expressed his satisfaction with the hard-fought win, acknowledging the importance of winning close games.

“This team knows how to navigate tight situations. Winning games like these is a testament to their resilience and determination,” said Dickenson, reflecting on the nail-biting victory.

Quarterback Trevor Harris faced a challenging start but showed resilience, leading the offence to success in the second half. Harris completed 24 of 36 passing attempts, accumulating 289 yards through the air and orchestrating crucial drives when it mattered most.

“Our offence found its rhythm after a slow start. We made key plays, moved the ball effectively, and capitalized on opportunities,” commented Harris, highlighting the team’s ability to turn the tide.

The Roughriders’ defence was pivotal in securing the win, allowing only 11 points from the opposition. The defensive line, in particular, stood out, applying relentless pressure on the opposing quarterbacks and showcasing improved run-stopping capabilities.

Fans Weigh In

Let’s dive into the fan sentiments and the aspects they highlighted as strengths and areas for improvement:


  1. Team Chemistry (28%): Fans continue to celebrate the strong bond and effective collaboration among the players, recognizing its positive impact on the team’s overall performance.
  2. Defensive Line (24%): The defensive line’s relentless pressure and improved run-stopping abilities received praise from fans, who believe it is a key strength for the team.
  3. Special Teams (17%): Fans acknowledged the special teams unit’s contributions, emphasizing their importance in providing an edge in crucial game moments.


  1. Injuries (25%): Some fans expressed concern about the team’s injury situation and highlighted the need for players to recover swiftly to maintain a strong roster.
  2. Offensive Line (22%): The offensive line’s performance was identified as an area that requires improvement. Fans called for enhanced protection for the quarterback and improved blocking capabilities.
  3. Penalties (21%): Fans stressed the importance of discipline and urged the team to minimize unnecessary penalties that could hinder their performance.


Following the hard-fought Week 5 victory, the Grey Cup Confidence Index (GCCI) for Roughrider fans has decreased slightly, currently standing at -51. This reflects fans’ recognition of the challenges ahead and their desire to see the team improve in certain areas to solidify their position as Grey Cup contenders.

In the upcoming week, the Roughriders face another tough test against their rivals, the Calgary Stampeders. As injuries and lineup changes could play a role, the team remains focused on continual improvement and staying true to its winning formula.

“We’re not resting on our laurels. We know there’s work to be done, and we’re committed to getting better,” emphasized Harris. “We’ll build on our successes and anticipate the challenges Calgary will present.”


Fans were elated by the team’s performance and took to social media to share their sentiments. The word cloud of fan reactions reflects a mix of emotions, with words like “thrilling,” “exciting,” and “nail-biter” dominating the conversation. Clearly, the game evoked strong feelings and kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout.

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