7 October, 2021


Attendance: 25,516

A loss to the Stampeders always stings a little more, am I wrong?

As the Dickenson Brothers coach head-to-head, the Riders and Stampeders clash for the first time this season. Unfortunately, due to some late-game misplays, the Roughriders fell short of their neighbouring province rivals in Week 9.

In recent news, NFL veteran receiver vet D’haquille (Duke) Williams inked a deal with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Will this boost the Roughriders’ offence and help them connect on those long passes?


While the Roughriders ended up on the losing side of this contest, they have a chance to redeem themselves at home, against the Stampeders, in Week 10. This is one of three stints against the infamous football club from Cowtown.

Admittedly, fans weren’t too pleased with Week 9. Some top one-word descriptions  included “disappointing,” “frustrating,” and “arrgggggghhhhhhhh.” Nevertheless, fans want to see their Green and White send off the Stampeders, so they let their emotions speak this week.

With the Week 9 loss by the Riders, fans say that “playing until the last play” (20%) is why they often still have a chance to win every game. In addition, Rider Nation says that the “offensive passing game” (16%) and “D-line” (13%) did their job this week.

As it has seemed for the last several weeks, one third of fans believe penalties continue to be the Roughriders’ biggest weakness this season.

GCCI Falls in Week 9

The Grey Cup Confidence Index dropped from 97 to -17 in Week 9 and is the most significant dip in the Grey Cup Confidence Index since Week 5.

The Roughriders will rematch the Stampeders on home turf in Week 10 – can Duke Williams help this offence get some big plays in the bag? Or will Calgary take two games in a row and insert themselves into the middle of the West Division?

Find out what fans think in the complete Week 9 Rider Tracker Infographic below:

At a glance
  • Playing until the last play
  • Penalties
  • -17
  • Disappointing
Sharday Torgerson,

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